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Larry David’s “true ancestrial roots”

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

here’s a funny video of Larry David’s experience with ancestry testing through the Ancestry by DNA test from DNA Diagnostics Center, as revealed on George Lopez. apparently their test uses 176 Ancestry Informative Markers, or AIMs. which ones these are and why they only test for European, Native American, Sub-Saharan African, and East Asian “BioGeographic Ancestry”, we don’t know without inquiring further. the references they cite are all from 2003 and before too..

Larry David is 63% European, 37% Native American.

“so I fail as a European?”

ain’t that interesting. it does make it seem a bit ridiculous/sensational, but funny indeed. their explanations of how these things work, however, aren’t the clearest thing:


methodology? heh.

from: TBS Lopez Tonight via genomeweb The Daily Scan

also check out: DNA and Race FAQ via AncestrybyDNA

sorry about the comments!

so i’ve been judiciously ignoring the “spam” comments i get. turns out over half of them are legit, so if it looks like i haven’t been approving your comments, it’s not because i have a deep-seeded grduge on you from a past life.. it’s cause wordpress thinks it’s spam. no harsh feelings, right?

one of these days…

someday, I hope I have the courage to send out senseless surveys to the professional genetic counseling community asking them things like “what shoes did you wear to work today” or “how many journal articles, would you say, are currently piled on top of your desk”, then in an Onion-like format (in a medium such as this blog), make some pseudo-science comments like, prenatal genetic counselors are more likely to wear flats, but have an association with a large number of journal articles sitting on their desks, which is perhaps due to the stressful environment that their clients create, an enviornment that is not conducive to heels. this oppression of …

just a thought.

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