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my first reach out

so having gone up to north for an outreach pediatrics clinic, let’ me just say. the snow really sucks! it’s everywhere, piled as high as the houses, and utterly impossible to drive at night when it’s blowing straight into the windshield.

however, i really enjoy this model of genetics accessibility. it certainly provides convenience to the families who live up north who can’t easily make the 3 to 4 hour to impossible drive (depending on snow conditions) down to any major medical center with genetics services. it’s a good way to provide continuing care for these individuals with genetics diagnoses. also it allows people with fewer means, more immediate Read more…

negotiating genetic counseling and cantonese

i suppose i can’t sleep tonight because i have a lot on my mind. my research project, summer rotation, our mid-winter break. i’d like to be productive during that short break, hopefully be able to incorporate something interesting and beneficial to my current course of study.

i’ve been doing a bit of digging into where genetic counseling and cantonese intersect, and i’ve been finding myself looking back at the bay area. internet searches lead me to a few cantonese-speaking genetic counselors working for the kaiser permanente group in san francisco. it sounds like they do counsel in cantonese. i’d really like to be able to sit in on some of their session, get an understanding of how these genetic concepts are communicated. it is difficult to compromise in myself these ideas because Read more…