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my research is taking the unfortunate turn away from an asian-american focus and looking more broadly at racially/ethnically diverse populations. okay, maybe that’s not unfortunate, but not what i’d initially envisioned at least. most importantly, i’m trying to decipher what the cultural and personal values are that influence the racial/ethnic disparities that we see in prenatal screening and testing uptake. but in designing this study, it really looks more at more broadly, what these values are, and how they influence a woman’s perceived severity of prenatal screening outcomes (the conditions that are screened for). rarely have the women themselves been asked “hey, what do you want screened on prenatal screening if it were your decision, how good/bad of an outcome would you consider those things, and would you consider screening or terminating over it?”. that’s the general gist. asking the client/patient themselves, what do they see as valuable Read more…


so i learned today that i was included in the graduating class’ picture postcard/brunch invite. they have my name down with (honorary) next to it… the rationale was that there weren’t any pictures without me in it. haha. interesting. i don’t know though, the pic is maybe a little weird cause i’m pretty front and center with a scarf but just a tshirt. weird. everyone and their mother and their father and their extended family will think i’m weird.

on another note, seminar’s over!

presentation of my survey project in the survey class was really great. it was nice finally being able to talk about some concrete things in class for once, and it was certainly encouraging that people found it interesting. here’s an image of what part the final survey looked like (including the language i used to describe DS, PS, and prenatal testing)


on this same topic, had a meeting with my first research mentor (peds MD, interested in screening). and i have to say it was very very very good. she was extremely excited for my work and i think our personalities mesh very well, and she had some amazing ideas, letting me step back from what i was doing and see the bigger picture, and see where the direction i really was trying to get at but couldn’t articulate. i think i may be going much more hypothetical with my research than the direction i’ve been going with the AAPI, but it’ll certainly be an important thing to consider. i meet with another potential mentor tomorrow (OB/GYN with an MPH?, never met her before), but hopefully she’ll get excited too! and then i’ll have a real research project and can finally get my grade for research skills from last winter. ha.

so the big news today is really that i finally finished up the big project for my genetics and health bx/health ed class today! i initially wanted to create a patient brochure/slideshow/video of the intricacies and patient concerns regarding SEQureDX and the level of research and levels of detection that the technology can provide. however, i felt a little left out when i couldn’t go to ACMG this year in tampa to really hear from Sequenom how exactly the technology works…

SO, ever since i had the cultural competence class in my materials/methods class in HBHE, i’ve been wanting to develop a new model/tool/activity for addressing cultural “competence” training that we get as GC students. well, i did it! and i incorporated a lot of the techniques i was learning from the public health end of things, including some very participatory research based techniques, to help address the lack of introspection and personal evaluation that was missing from traditional cultural “competence” trainings. again, really working toward cultural humility rather than competence. well, that assignment got turned in for the class, but i also forwarded it to my materials/methods professor to get her opinions as to its feasibility as well as my program director who knew a bit about it already. really, honestly, two birds with one stone.

so tomorrow, i’ll be finishing up with my group for materials/methods our print education tool that we’ve been developing all semester for Active Minds. we’ll have the final product hopefully finalized (postcards, posters, and bookmarks) to start a print campaign for this nonprofit org. that’s never had a print campaign. it’s really exciting, there’s nearly 200 chapters where thes items will get distributed.

ah! in the final few days!

what do i want to research?

as i explore my research possibilities, i’m running into circles trying to figure out what to focus on. what’s really finally motivated me to approach this topic has been my survey methods class, where we’re beginning to define ideas for our class project in which we research, design and pre-test a questionnaire/survey. i’ve decided to work stag since i thought this would be a great chance to incorporate my research ideas, give me time to think and process, and develop the initial instrument for my reseach.

but here’s the difficult part. i know i want to look at asian-americans, perhaps specifically chinese-americans, and i’ll need to discern level of acculturation by some proxy like, years in the US and generations in the US, but then what? knowledge of genetics? undertandings of genetic concepts as we know it from a western standpoint? or look more broadly at inheritance/kinship issues, like how they perceive disease to “pass down” through families? or i could go a completely different route and identify cultural barriers? or how traditional taught-inheritance may differ from school-taught inheritance patterns, but what’s the clinical utility of that? i just find it interesting. i really need to iron it out a whole lot more.

negotiating genetic counseling and cantonese

i suppose i can’t sleep tonight because i have a lot on my mind. my research project, summer rotation, our mid-winter break. i’d like to be productive during that short break, hopefully be able to incorporate something interesting and beneficial to my current course of study.

i’ve been doing a bit of digging into where genetic counseling and cantonese intersect, and i’ve been finding myself looking back at the bay area. internet searches lead me to a few cantonese-speaking genetic counselors working for the kaiser permanente group in san francisco. it sounds like they do counsel in cantonese. i’d really like to be able to sit in on some of their session, get an understanding of how these genetic concepts are communicated. it is difficult to compromise in myself these ideas because Read more…