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Wendy Uhlmann from the University of Michigan has already published a great article about what genetics web resources are available for medial professionals (including GeneTests/GeneReviews, etc.), but this is to serve as a reference for the less-well-documented-and-considerably-less-official-but-equally-as-interesting-and-incredibly-up-to-date GC-related social media resources.

(more text will go here eventually)

…but for now, I’m hoping to use this as a resource for other genetic counseling students and professionals, to summarize what’s awesome about the web and what’s most pertinent to our profession. this will include anything from blogs, websites, twitter accounts, facebook groups. i’ll just constantly be updating this as I find new and interesting links that I myself am interested in following.

One last thing… how to follow them all? Just stick the web addys right in google reader, and it’ll do all the updates and formatting for you!

General GC Networking
Genetic Counselors Unite!
Facebook Group – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2209532796

Twitter, Genetic Alliance – http://twitter.com/geneticalliance

GC Blogs
The DNA Exchange
Blog – http://dnaexchange.wordpress.com/

her Nature his Nurture – Allie Janson
Blog – http://hernaturehisnurture.com/

Mayo Clinic Genetic Testing Expert Blog – Carrie A. Zabel
Blog – http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/genetic-testing/MY00370/TAB=expertblog

NSGC, President, etc.
Blog – http://nsgcpresident.blogspot.com/
Twitter, NSGC Org – http://twitter.com/nsgc_org
Twitter, Steve Keiles – http://twitter.com/geneticsteve
Twitter, Elizabeth Kearney – http://twitter.com/GeneStrategy

Yale Cancer Genetic Counseling
Blog – http://yalecancergeneticcounseling.blogspot.com/
Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/New-Haven-CT/Yale-Cancer-Genetic-Counseling/57649763730

ELSI in Genomics
Genomics Law Report
Blog – http://www.genomicslawreport.com/
Twitter, Dan Vorhaus – http://twitter.com/genomicslawyer

NSGC Public Policy Blog

Personalized Medicine/Consumer Genomics/DTC/etc.
Gene Sherpa, Steve Murphy
Blog – http://thegenesherpa.blogspot.com/

Twitter, Knome – http://twitter.com/Knome

New Stuff in Genetics
Twitter, GenomeWeb Daily Scan – http://twitter.com/gw_dailyscan


  1. quenouille
    September 29, 2009 at 8:40 am

    I use twitter to keep track of news/developments in the field of genetic counseling. Check it out at twitter.com/gencounsnews

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