about me

about me: i’m a five foot three genetic counseling and health education student from university of michigan that makes his presence known to the world by trying his very best to learn and be the best genetic counselor he can be. i’m interested in reproductive genetics, personalized medicine, public health and health promotion, and cultural issues in the counseling setting. i adore my program and everyone in it.

about martian genetics: voices from males entering the genetic counseling world are rare, so i’ve heard. or not heard. so here is my voice and here are my words. tip me over and pour me out.

email: martiangenetics@gmail.com

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  1. May 28, 2009 at 7:28 am

    Hey! So excited to see this blog. I am a genetic counselor (graduated last year) who is very interested in getting the GC community online. I have been writing for http://www.hernaturehisnurture.com for a while now, but have recently started a group GC blog: http://www.dnaexchange.wordpress.com

    Come check us out! And I will definitely add you to our blog roll. This is a great thing you have here.

    Allie Janson

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