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a year out: graduation, unemployment, volunteering, employment… and health insurance!


it’s been nearly a year since last year’s post – and 23andme has even FURTHER reduced their DNA day clearance. boy have times changed. which also means it’s about due time i admit that i am no longer in school. wahoo! let’s see how this all worked out to where i am now:

1st (of many) job application (academic center prenatal gc position) submitted mid-december 2009

1st phone interview (private practice prenatal gc position) mid-february 2010

1st in-person interview (state public health department) late-february 2010

graduation late-april 2010

move back home with the parents early-may 2010

attend norcal genetics exchange to “network” late-may 2010

submit volunteering interest and application to big GC group in SF (non-academic hospital, that sees all types of genetics indications) late-may 2010

first i-really-want-this-job interview (big cancer genetics group) early-june 2010

guess-it-wasn’t-that-great-of-a-fit decision mid-june 2010

start all over with the app process on a new bunch of jobs early july 2010

finally get my volunteer paperwork, TB tests, security clearance, background check, orifice probings (just kidding on the last one…) submitted and beging volunteering early-august 2010

strung along with a bunch of interviews for maternity leave positions, state public health coordination jobs, etc.

start phone interview process with current position (industry/lab position) mid-august 2010

continue phone interviews through august, september 2010

formal in-person interview early-october 2010

hired! quickly move out of state.

NSGC AEC 2010 in Dallas

1st day of job day after NSGC AEC 2010

and here i am, months later, all employed and stuff, being all independent and autonomous.  🙂 take that, job application process – 6 months of unemployment living at home ain’t got nothin’ on me.

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