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GC hx via GOOGLE

I just discovered Google Labs’ News Timeline. it was recently introduced, but I stumbled across it when trying to research a timeline of when the different GC programs were formed (i.e. order of creation). In the search term of “genetic counseling program history”, there was a module in the search that included a timeline. while distinctly separate from what i’m next goign to touch on, this timeline is a pretty useful tool and provides loads of media articles (many from NYTIMES archives). you can click on the blue bars in the timeline to bring up in closer detail what those citations are. this would be an immensely interesting research project for someone interested in the history of GC. unfortunately, history, for the most part, makes me yawn.

upon further investigation of Google, another tool, the News Timeline showed up. just search for “genetic counseling” in quotes, and look by decade, year, month, etc., and it’s so cool, you can see some old, scanned-in newspaper articles everywhere the terms show up.

granted, the search functions and displays are a bit obscured by the barrage of TIME covers and articles that are not relevant, but it’s still a fun little tool to look at how the field of GC in the eye of the media has evolved.

I guess I got so distracted that I completely forgot to look for a timeline of GC programs…

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