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i finally have internet access for the summer! time for more posts soon! the internship, shadowing, and research have been going pretty well, and i have tons of updates, in due time…

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the NEW NSGC blog…

our profession is so cool. our national, professional organization/society’s president now has a blog. i’m interested to see the direction this blog takes, as there has not really been an open forum between the NSGC and the internet community as a whole. sure the listserv is the staple of the genetic counselor’s repetoire and an incredible resource for members, but it is a bit cryptic to find out professional information about the field of genetic counseling by navigating the scary NSGC website.

Steven Keiles has posted the strategic plan that NSGC is looking to promote. take a look at it if you’re interested in what the most pressing concerns in the field of genetic counseling are overall (issues with payors/reimbursement, integrating GC into comprehensive care, etc.)

check it out:

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SEQureDX troubles?

Oops.. I was so excited for SEQureDX too, I was really hoping it would have some clinical utility. Considering I’ll be premising my research on the idea of noninvasive prenatal diagnostics. Hopefully the kinks can get worked out, but nevertheless, it really is just a screen, right?

“For those who have been too distracted by swine flu to notice: shares of the biotech company Sequenom have plummeted by 77% after the company announced that the extremely promising initial results for its SEQureDx Down syndrome test – which is designed to detect Down syndrome fetuses using blood samples from pregnant women – were “questionable” and had been mishandled by employees.”