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quick check in:

genetic discrimination group presentation: nearly finished, being presented in a few hours. really happy with how we designed our group discussion activity. basically taking a few of the cases from the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetics Health and Society website, they have a page of testimonials in which individuals have experience genetic discrimination from back in 2004, and having our classmates analyzed them pre-GINA, during GINA, and from the countering perspective of the employers and insurers that are “discriminating”

food deserts background research is basically complete, however having a working group with my team members to compile and refine our problem analysis. i’ve been asking way too many questions in class lately.

literally have not touched my questionnaire topic in the past 2 weeks, have not sorted out through my conceptual model, have not followed up on background research, have not followed up with an individual that my director referred to me. asian americans are on the back burner.

on the topic of asian americans, i’ve spent the last week and a half rewriting my curriculum vitae, and drafting a cover letter to hawaii. i’ve submitted it back and forth among my directors, and have literally spent two nights, staying up til 3 am or later working on them.

i submitted the materials on monday. so glad it’s off my shoulders and i can start thinking about my other work. deadline is this sunday. phone conference interviews will be schedules later february early march. i hope i hope i hope.

development of the materials for active minds is going really well. one of my team members has a friend who draws these amazingly cute but relevant and neutral stick figures. i think that’ll be our main graphic scheme.

be a friend. know the signs. offer hope.

two exams coming up next thursday, next friday is a book report on the tearful pretty is what changes but now i have to dissect it open and search for health behavior and health education themes/theories, finalized problem analysis to be submitted, group meetings, seminars, classes, practice talks

can’t wait for spring break to come by. only a week and a half and i have basically a month’s worth of work to do.

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