i think i’ll start a new series of posts that i can use to keep myself on track and get a good idea of what’s happening in my training/coursework/projects/research/internship search and get my thoughts together regarding what needs to be done next.


motivational interviewing today was great. we’re learning techniques of reflective listening, and attempting to be able to reflect complex thoughts, feelings, and issues back to our clients/patients by really getting them to explore. instead of just doing a “content reflection” as it’s called, we basically move the mirror to different angles in these different types of reflections, so people can approach what they just said, what they just exuded from a different angle. practicing firsthand with partners is definitely the way to go. my task for the week is to do some reflective listening and to utilize my strong “feeling” words – i chose ecstatic, distressed, irate, fulfilled, miserable, and ticked off…

genetic and HBHE was interesting, we’re approaching means by which the lay public understands genetics. a recent instrument was developed in australia to assess “lay genetic knowledge” or something, the questions were definitely poorly worded, and incorrect as well. specifically, the attribution of spina bifida as predominantly genetic is incorrect. ugh. get it right.

program planning has me doing a lot of research on food deserts and the maldistribution of supermarkets in lower income neighborhoods as background to our health problem, food deserts in the nearby urban, low-income, racially segregated counties. there’s some interesting data, but not a whole lot that’s been accomplished in terms of validated interventions. we’ll see where we can go and where we decide to invest our ideas.

materials for health education has our group providing a print translation of the Active Minds web content. Active Minds is a pretty interesting organization in that it helps promote mental health awareness on college campuses and advocates to reduce stigma associated with mental illness and disorders. we have so many great ideas, but i think the clencher will be implementing them in a way that is visually appealing to college-aged students. we want the graphics to be appropriate, but not too stigmatizing, nor stereotypical, and actually interesting to students…

the questionnaire for survey skills is still stagnant. i have yet to touch and re-explore my research topic since last speaking with my director. i have some directions i could take it to, but it may not be wholly appropriate for the questionnaire i’m interested in developing. and i’ve pigeonholed myself into not working with a group and developing it independently. we’ll see…

my upcoming student seminar presentation really has been a mental drain and i really have not put enough effort as i’d like to. it’s been primarily just sitting in my backpack, waiting to be read and clarified. i’m trying my best to understand the mice models they use, but it’s so cumbersome. i curse them everytime i read the article for not making a flow chart, but at the same time, that’ll be my gimmick to attract others to my paper…


outreach was great but now i have a lot of paperwork to follow up on. there’s my logbook to put together and to make sure i have the proper documentation, although that’ll depend on when the letters get dictated. i have some patient letters from the summer at my prenatal rotation that still need to be filed in the right cases… the next outreach clinic is coming up at the end of the month, but i’ll be on break the whole week beforehand so i’ll wait until then to prep


the hawaii internship application was finally released. i REALLY want this, it is quite literally the perfect rotation, for me and my program and how i’ve set it up, not to mention i’d be working with the very population i’m most interested in. i spent all of last night updating my CV, until 2am. it’s so incredibly painful to try and recall every last detail, and organize it in a way that makes sense. i’m trying to be complete as well, and provide the new health education/behavior tools and skills i’m learning, but it’s always hard incorporating it in a way that makes sense. i’ll certainly need some guidance. cover letters i am better at (i think).

the graduate school is sponsoring a business etiquette dinner tomorrow to teach us proper business dinner manners. i’m so excited!

  1. Emcox
    February 3, 2009 at 9:21 pm


    2. I bought my desk in DC from the woman who founded active minds. She lives in my building. holla.

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