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ornithine, citrulline, and.. A.S.S.?

February 23, 2009 Leave a comment

you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby...

you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby...

oh how incredibly fun urea cycle disorders are. i actually am being serious because surprisingly, they make so much sense, and when the biochemical geneticists explain this stuff, it awes me how incredibly elegant diagnoses can be made, and how swift interventions can be performed.

well, i’m slowly working my way back into the real world after my weeks of non-existence. more to come later about lots of things!

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quick check in:

genetic discrimination group presentation: nearly finished, being presented in a few hours. really happy with how we designed our group discussion activity. basically taking a few of the cases from the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetics Health and Society website, they have a page of testimonials in which individuals have experience genetic discrimination from back in 2004, and having our classmates analyzed them pre-GINA, during GINA, and from the countering perspective of the employers and insurers that are “discriminating”

food deserts background research is basically complete, however having a working group with my team members to compile and refine our problem analysis. i’ve been asking way too many questions in class lately.

literally have not touched my Read more…

hell weeks

i have to apologize for not posting much.

these are my two insane weeks right before midterms and right before i have my “spring” or “mid-winter” break. more comments on all the crazy stuff I’m doing coming up…

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random thought: the wording counts

February 5, 2009 1 comment

just a thought that drifted into my head tonight: organizations seem very particular about the wordings that are used to describe their group, their research, and the background/support for their causes. although it was only a project proposal for our class, the small difference between “has not been extensively studied” and “needs further research” apparently is a big one….


February 2, 2009 1 comment

i think i’ll start a new series of posts that i can use to keep myself on track and get a good idea of what’s happening in my training/coursework/projects/research/internship search and get my thoughts together regarding what needs to be done next.


motivational interviewing today was great. we’re learning techniques of reflective listening, and attempting to be able to reflect complex thoughts, feelings, and issues back to our clients/patients by really getting them to explore. instead of just doing a “content reflection” as it’s called, we basically move the mirror to different Read more…

my first reach out

so having gone up to north for an outreach pediatrics clinic, let’ me just say. the snow really sucks! it’s everywhere, piled as high as the houses, and utterly impossible to drive at night when it’s blowing straight into the windshield.

however, i really enjoy this model of genetics accessibility. it certainly provides convenience to the families who live up north who can’t easily make the 3 to 4 hour to impossible drive (depending on snow conditions) down to any major medical center with genetics services. it’s a good way to provide continuing care for these individuals with genetics diagnoses. also it allows people with fewer means, more immediate Read more…