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what do i want to research?

as i explore my research possibilities, i’m running into circles trying to figure out what to focus on. what’s really finally motivated me to approach this topic has been my survey methods class, where we’re beginning to define ideas for our class project in which we research, design and pre-test a questionnaire/survey. i’ve decided to work stag since i thought this would be a great chance to incorporate my research ideas, give me time to think and process, and develop the initial instrument for my reseach.

but here’s the difficult part. i know i want to look at asian-americans, perhaps specifically chinese-americans, and i’ll need to discern level of acculturation by some proxy like, years in the US and generations in the US, but then what? knowledge of genetics? undertandings of genetic concepts as we know it from a western standpoint? or look more broadly at inheritance/kinship issues, like how they perceive disease to “pass down” through families? or i could go a completely different route and identify cultural barriers? or how traditional taught-inheritance may differ from school-taught inheritance patterns, but what’s the clinical utility of that? i just find it interesting. i really need to iron it out a whole lot more.

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