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pgc: it’s good!

i just heard back from the student editor for the Perspectives in Genetic Counseling newsletter. she liked my article! i’m so happy i had the chance to write this article and interview my fellow male genetic counseling trainees across the states, it was a very educational experience and i’m glad we’re finally getting our voices out there as a coherent whole. i’m not sure exactly when the article will be published, but it will most likely be in the spring edition of PGC. look out for it! we’re still working on a lot of the edits, but here’s a short excerpt:

I now believe that the perception of an underlying difference between genders and gender disproportions are issues that only trainees and professionals in genetic counseling observe. Our clients, who are the primary purpose of our discourse, may fail to notice the imbalance. But as any other good student in science, I needed more data.
To explore this, I set out to ask a few of my fellow male trainees in various programs to learn about their experiences.  Did they have experiences where gender compromised their ability as genetic counseling interns to appropriately counsel their clients?  Has gender even been an issue?  What do other male genetic counseling students have to say?  I suspected that many other individuals would have similar experiences to mine, but seeing it in writing would be both reassuring and enlightening.

i can’t wait for others to read this and hear what we have to say. hopefully it’ll do some good and motivate other guys to become more interested in genetic counseling as well! wish me luck!

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